125 x 125 Banner Impressions (5000)


Your 125 x 125 Banner on our main page and on every member page.

Our Affiliate Program pays 50% commission. Click HERE to join or scroll down for more info.



Our Affiliate Program pays 50% commission. This is paid in Monero in keeping with the mining pool we use. You will need a free Cryptonator account to receive your payment. Once your Monero has been sent to you, you can exchange them for various other CryptoCoins or cash if you have a payoneer card.

Click HERE to join.

Anybody can be an affiliate, however if you purchase a 5000 Impression pack AND you have opted in to receive your own free Mining Site you will be added to our Auto Magic Miner System.

The Auto Magic Miner (AMM) works as follows:

Once your free Mining Site has been built for you will be given the URL of a page that you should leave open on your computer, whilst you continue with your usual internet day.

The mining pool we use takes 12% of the CryptoCoins that they generate using your unused computing power leaving 88% to be paid out.

Our System works on an eight minute cycle. You earn for five minutes, our system earns for one minute and a randomly selected 5000 Impression pack purchaser earns for two minutes. (Purchasers are removed as soon as their impressions have been delivered.)

Buyers can also show a link to LeasedAdSpace when they are selected to receive random mining rewards should they wish to do so, even if they already have a LAS membership.

100% of the mining amounts paid out are via pool accounts provided by the mining pool and are never under our control.


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